1. What services do you offer?

Chinese traditional Massage (Tuina) only, there are Therapeutic & Relaxation massage : Whole body massage (1 hour or 90mins) , include Head, Neck, shoulders, arms, back, legs, feet massage (more details please check price list). We do deep tissue massage, therapy oil massage, Relaxation massage, Reflexology, Obsidian Stone Massage and Cupping.

2. Why do we need frequent neck and shoulder massage?

Shoulder and neck blocked — headache, dizziness. — blood pressure is up. Not sleeping well and dreaming. — affects memory. — “rich package” came out, the head can not be backward. A lack of blood flow to the brain is causing all sorts of problems.

3. What is cupping?

Cupping therapy is a kind of therapy that takes pot as the tool, USES the method of burning fire and extracting air to generate negative pressure and make it adsorbed on the surface of the body to cause local blood stasis, so as to achieve the effect of activating collaterals through channels, activating qi and blood, relieving swelling and pain, removing wind and dispersing cold.Cupping therapy has a long history in China, as early as in the western han dynasty silk book “52 disease prescription” about the “Angle method” records, Angle method is similar to the later generation of cupping therapy.Cupping therapy was also popular in ancient Greece and Rome.

4. Notes for cupping

1. Cupping should not be carried out on a full stomach or an empty stomach.

2. Defecate before cupping.

3. The same location, not every day cupping.

4. The spots of cupping should not be removed until they have receded.

5. Women’s menstrual period and other bleeding sites, not cupping.

6. Don’t take a shower immediately after cupping, especially a cold shower.

7. High fever, convulsion, spasm and other conditions should not be cupping.

8. Cupping should not be carried out where the skin is allergic or ulcerated.

9. The parts with thin muscles or uneven bones and lots of hair should not be used.

10. Pregnant women should use with caution in the lumbosacral region and abdomen.

5. Obsidian Stone Massage

Obsidian Stone Massage(with oil) include shoulders , back, arms, legs.

Why do Obsidian Stone Massage ?

  1. Improve blood and lymph system circulation, help to warm through the channel.
  2. Eliminate constipation.
  3. Help lose weight.
  4. Relieve tension
  5. Moisturize skin and help reduce wrinkles and stretch marks

What is the Obsidian Stone?

Obsidian stone is a kind of natural glaze formed after the volcanic lava cools down quickly. Can also give the human body to replenish new energy, make people full of vitality. Strengthen kidney, improve sleep.Help to relieve pressure, eliminate fatigue, relieve headache, eliminate sickness,can make a person quickly recover physical strength. Improved luck and increased defenses against alien interference.